Interested in starting your own Short-Term Rental Biz… but you’re just too overwhelmed to start?

What about if I’d hold your hand and show you EXACTLY what to do, step by step?


The Short-Term Rental Roadmap Membership

W/ TJ Tijani

Where you get lock-step support and training for just $37 / month!

Each month, you’ll have access to:

Monthly training directly from TJ: 2 hours of LIVE coaching from me, where I’ll give you all of the best-kept industry secrets that you MUST know to avoid costly mistakes and get up and running within just 90 days!

Community support through our members-only Facebook page: Learn, connect and collaborate! The Short-Term Rental Roadmap Facebook community is full of resources, roadmaps, and inside jokes!

Guest Trainings from Industry Experts: There’s always extra goodies in the Short-Term Rental Roadmap Membership! You’ll have the incredible opportunity to learn LIVE from industry experts and ask them any questions you have! 

Access to Proprietary Scripts, Templates and Resources: No reason to recreate the wheel! By joining the membership today, you’ll get access to all of TJ’s personal resources - things like leasing agreements, landlord scripts, contracts, and more!

PLUS!! When you sign up NOW, as a founding member, you also get access to the Entire Short-Term Rental Starter’s course, valued at $747!! This won’t last long!

Here’s what you’ll learn...

Why you should get Started with Short-Term Rentals NOW
How to Assess your Market and make Smart Investments
How to Negotiate with the Landlord to get the YES
How to set up the Furniture, Tech, and Safety Must-haves
How to Price your Space
How to Market your Space and Secure Renters
How to Find the Essential Crew Members you Need
How to Manage your Calendar to Create a Business that works for YOUR life
How to Quickly Get up and Running within 30 Days!!!

… And MORE!!


Someone who’s tired of working a 9-5 job and wants to FINALLY be their own boss and be IN CHARGE of their income. 

Anyone who feels a nudge telling them there’s something MORE and that there’s more to life than just hustling paycheck to paycheck 

People looking for clarity on how to start their
Short-Term Business the *right* way while avoiding costly mistakes

People who may have thought about a Short-Term rental business, but just had no idea where to begin…

Anyone who’s ready to implement what they learn here to get their business up and running within the next 30 days!

what’s the cost?

It’s ONLY $1 for the first 30 days, followed by $37 per month after that. (You can easily cancel at any time, but we hope you stay with us.)

why now?

As a founding member, your $37 monthly membership is locked in for as long as you stay in the membership, which means the price will never go up on you!

With this Insider Information normally ONLY shared with my VIP students, you’ll get to Fast-Track to success while others stand by and wonder what “magic pill” you have access to!!

But don’t take it from me … take it from them: 

“Over 25k this month with only 7 units. Thank you for teaching me the game. I am without words”

Here’s what Michael says: 

“I know for a fact I would be here without TJ’s guidance. Thank you TJ for your guidance and pushing me to take action!”

Here’s what Anna says: 

Here’s what I want to tell you:
If you’re ALL-IN with this material… YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY DO THIS TOO!

Students who follow my protocol have had life-changing results FASTER than they EVER thought possible!

– They’ve quit their jobs
– They’ve tripled their income
– They’ve earned the freedom of working for themselves and making their own schedule

Are you ready for this too?

Hi, I’m TJ!

Short-Term Rental Master founder & Passionate Rentalpreneur.

I know how it feels to be sick and tired of your present grind, feeling so ready to be your OWN boss and bringing in the income you KNOW you deserve.

Just a few years ago, I was where you are now. I was working a 9-5 for a boss who didn’t value me, I was away 65% of the year, and I felt like I had no life. It wasn’t until I discovered the power of Short-Term Rentals that I was able to become my own boss, live the life I love, and spend my time helping others do the same!

The Short-Term Rental Roadmap Membership was designed to give you ALL the information you need to start & scale your short-term rental business in the easiest, most straight-forward way, while avoiding the costly mistakes most new people make.

I firmly believe that we're NOT meant to do business (or life) alone and I am here to be lock-step with you throughout the process!


With just 7 rental units, you can be making 6-figures as a rentalpreneur … and you can have your first rental unit READY to go within 30 days!!!

But you’ve got to decide…

Are you ready to go ALL-IN … And for a lower price point than I’ve ever offered before, PERIOD.

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